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Temperature dependence of CIGS and perovskite solar cellperformance: an overview

Abstract CIGS, with a tailorable direct band gap (of 1.04–1.68 eV), can serve as bottom cell with excellent band gap match with perovskite (1.6–2.3 eV) in the combined monolithic perovskite/CIGS tandem solar cell, that has the potential to exceed the Shockley–Queisser limit. Thus, an investigation of the operating temperature dependence of the performance of CIGS and perovskite solar cells (PSCs), in the temperature range of 80–380 K, based on studies in the literature, is presented. Besides the operating temperature, the infuence of substrate temperature of CIGS solar cells, fabricated on soda-limeglass, polyimide foil and stainless steel substrates are also investigated. The solar cell performance is assessed by considering several photovoltaic parameters such as short circuit current density (Jsc), open circuit voltage (Voc), fll factor and power conversion efciency. By a detailed understanding of the dependence of solar cell parameters on temperature for CIGS solar cells and PSCs, with diferent characteristics or structures, it is anticipated that an efective pathway for the improvement in these cells, in adverse environments, can be accomplished.

Temperature dependence of CIGS and perovskite solar cell performance - an overview
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