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Our Story

Get to Know REPM

With a combined energy experience spanning 44 years, our Renewable Energy company is committed to assisting non-profits, residential, and commercial customers in breaking free from their reliance on fossil fuels and embracing the abundant power of the sun. Our goal is to create a sustainable future for all by utilizing innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technology, tapping into the renewable energy resources that nature offers. Join us on this transformative path and unlock the limitless possibilities of clean, green energy.


What we do

REPM Corp operates as a forward-thinking company that specializes in solar funding, providing financial support and guidance for solar projects. They not only offer financial assistance but also act as knowledgeable advisors, offering counsel and expertise to ensure the success of your solar project. With a strong commitment to renewable energy, REPM Corp stands as a reliable partner, bridging the gap between funding and project execution in the solar industry.


How we do it

REPM Corp excels in offering comprehensive solar energy solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients. With a team of experienced professionals and cutting-edge technology, they provide top-notch solar installation, maintenance, and monitoring services, ensuring optimal efficiency and performance for each project. Their commitment to sustainability and innovation positions them as a leading provider of solar energy solutions in the industry.


How it Benefits you

REPM Corp offers numerous benefits to clients and investors seeking solar solutions for residential, commercial, and non-profit projects. Their expertise in the field ensures efficient and cost-effective installations, leading to substantial long-term savings on energy bills. Additionally, their comprehensive approach to solar funding and project management minimizes financial risks for investors, making the transition to solar an attractive and sustainable investment opportunity.

Our Team

REPM Corp is immensely proud to introduce our exceptional team of talented individuals, whose passion and expertise drive our company's success and innovation.


Dr. N.M. Ravindra, 
Director & Co-Founder

Ravi obtained his PhD in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology in Roorkee, India. He also holds a Master's and Bachelor's degree in Physics from Bangalore University, India. Throughout his career, Ravi has been actively involved in research and has made significant contributions. His research team has successfully published more than 350 papers in renowned international journals, books, and conference proceedings. Additionally, they have filed several pending patents and have been granted two patents. Ravi's expertise and dedication to his field are evident in his extensive involvement in the academic community. He has organized over 30 international conferences and has been a distinguished speaker at more than 75 international meetings, sharing his insights and knowledge with fellow professionals.


John Conte,

John's journey in the renewable energy industry has been impressive. Starting from his family's business and then joining BP Solar as a factory worker, he quickly progressed to become the National Sales Manager. His leadership skills were instrumental in establishing a groundbreaking partnership between BP Solar and Home Depot, enabling widespread residential solar sales. Over the years, he expanded his influence, building new markets and promoting clean energy across multiple states. John's driving force is his passion for sustainability and his desire to create a better future for his family and future generations. As the CEO of an innovative renewable energy company, he aims to leverage his expertise and dedication to create a world powered by clean, sustainable energy. With your support, his vision can become a reality, leaving a lasting legacy of positive change for the planet.


Gib Dunham,

Mr. Dunham has a nearly three decades of experience in finance, investing and portfolio management. He is the Chief Investment Officer at Bridgeway Wealth Partners, a multi-family office, where he oversees direct investments, venture capital, manager selection, portfolio construction and risk management and is the Chair of the Investment Committee. Mr. Dunham has been involved with numerous emerging technologies. He is a co founder of Sandhill
Renewable Biofuels LLC, Renewable Energy Products Manufacturing Inc., an innovative solar company, an advisory board member of Digital Direct, IR Inc. which is a technology company developing an innovative thermal imaging sensor for autonomous vehicles and a co-founder and board member of Owl Peak Labs.


Augie Conte
Sales Manager

Augie Conte is a remarkable professional with an extensive background in the renewable energy industry. With over 22 years of experience, he has made significant contributions in EPA Automotive Regulation Compliance, State Emission controls, and renewable energy. His leadership in Solar Initiatives led to his department being awarded the prestigious States Auto Motive Emissions license, and he has provided valuable consulting services for solar installation projects in Puerto Rico. Augie Conte's expertise has attracted major companies like Home Depot, Ikea, and Ace Hardware, who sought his guidance in training their sales forces and developing renewable energy strategies.

Currently, Mr. Conte serves as the Solar educator and subject matter expert for the Maryland Commercial Property-Assessed Clean Energy Program, appointed by the State of Maryland.


Crystal De La Paz
Director of Operations

Crystal De La Paz is an accomplished business leader serving as the Director of Operation at REPM, Corp. With a strong work ethic honed during her upbringing in a military family, Crystal brings unwavering dedication and efficiency to her role. Equipped with a degree in International Business, she possesses a keen understanding of global markets and dynamics. Crystal's remarkable expertise extends beyond her academic achievements. As the founder of a successful business management company specializing in streamlining operational aspects, she has earned a reputation for implementing cutting-edge automations, innovative ideas, and financial finesse that maximize efficiency and profitability. Her warm demeanor fosters lasting relationships, while her commitment to operational efficiency ensures transformative growth for businesses. A trailblazer in the industry, she inspires others with her strategic prowess and dedication to empowering individuals in the realm of business management.


Adam Conte
Director of Project Management

Adam Conte is a versatile professional with a diverse skill set and a passion for clean energy. With experience as a project manager, web designer, and HR/payroll and IT support, Adam has honed his expertise in various fields. In 2020, he embarked on an entrepreneurial journey alongside his father and CEO, John Conte, as they founded REPM, a solar company dedicated to fostering sustainable practices.

Adam's educational background includes a degree in Film and Media Arts from Temple University, which has equipped him with a creative and innovative mindset. His commitment to clean energy and reducing the carbon footprint of our country drives his work at REPM, where he strives to make a meaningful impact in the transition to sustainable energy solutions. With his multidisciplinary skills and unwavering dedication, Adam continues to lead REPM towards a greener future.

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