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PPA Investor Partnership


REPM has created a structure that will open up renewable energy opportunities for as many households as possible, including many for whom solar was previously unobtainable due to low credit scores. In addition, REPM is committed to making solar energy available to non-profit organizations (particularly all houses of worship, VFW's, American legions) who may not qualify for traditional financing.


Using an elegant and unique Power Purchase Agreement model that minimizes financial risk and maximizes profit, the Solar PPA program has the potential to revolutionize the solar industry while directing investor funds to specific markets to meet their return criteria. Our model works for residential customers and non-profits, but also businesses and even larger industrial customers.


REPM has established a network of Sales Representative, Installers and Contractors who refer sales to the PPA program, complete the installations, and in some cases, do both. REPM uses the most efficient and financially beneficial prices to offer both the end-user client and the investor the best pricing, which means optimal cost to the client and optimal incentive to the Sales Representatives and Installers, as well as strong returns for the Investor.

The Power of the PPA

The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) provides a secure level of protection for investment through a long-term agreement (20 years with two unilateral 5- year extensions), a UCC filing on the solar array and other insurances and warranties, while also providing the client a financing mechanism that takes into account their historical ability to pay their electric bills on time, rather than merely relying upon their FICO score alone.

Development Plan

In Quarter 4 2023 we will install1250 residential homes per month. The average home in these markets is a 8,000 watt system. The anticipated total for this period is 10 MW per month.


$39,500.000 per month in the residential market. We are averaging 450,000 watts per month in the commercial market and anticipate 2.25 MW per month by Quarter 4, 2023.


This will add $8,887,500 per month in the commercial market. The monthly total of funding required is $48,387,500.


We have experienced tremendous interest in this program from numerous Sales Organizations and Installers. We anticipate that the program will continue to be popular and will be limited only by availability of funds.

PPA Sources of Income

Federal MACRS Bonus Depreciation-80%

Federal MACRS (Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System) Bonus Depreciation is a tax incentive offered by the United States government to encourage businesses to invest in qualifying assets. Under this provision, businesses can claim an additional 80% of the cost of eligible assets as a depreciation deduction in the year the assets are placed into service.

The traditional MACRS depreciation allows businesses to recover the cost of qualifying assets over several years through annual depreciation deductions. However, the bonus depreciation allows an immediate deduction of a substantial portion of the asset's cost in the first year of its use, which provides a significant boost to the business's cash flow and reduces taxable income.

To be eligible for the Federal MACRS Bonus Depreciation - 80%, the assets must meet certain criteria set by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Typically, these assets include machinery, equipment, certain vehicles, and qualified real property with a useful life of 20 years or less. The asset must be new and not previously used by the taxpayer to qualify for bonus depreciation.

It's important to note that the percentage of bonus depreciation can vary from year to year based on the tax laws and economic conditions. In the year 2023, with an 80% bonus depreciation rate, businesses can significantly accelerate the tax benefits associated with their eligible asset purchases, thereby promoting investment and stimulating economic growth.

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